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Old Fashioned Sausage Gravy


Yet another recipe t fill the tummies of a hungry family! Great for a weekend breakfast treat, or a weekday lazy dinner. Here is my mother-in-law’s simple recipe:

1lb Bob Evan’s pork sausage in a tube
4 tbsp flour
1 quart of milk (4-5 cups)
Salt and pepper to taste

Spray pan with Pam or equivalent and cook meat until the pink is gone. Sprinkle the 4tbsp of flour directly on meat and stir until meat is coated. Add 1 quart of milk slowly, starting at 4 cups and adding more if mixture is too thick. Turn heat to medium-high and let it thicken and boil for a minute or so. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Tips- Taste the gravy to make sure the flour flavor has been cooked out, if not, cook longer
– If mixture is too thick, add more milk
– If mixture is too thin, make a rue from a little milk and flour and whisk in quickly

Serves 2-4 and is great for leftovers!