Blog Launch

A little bit about me-

I wanted to start a blog for several reasons, among those my desire to help people, share what I’ve learned, organize my thoughts and find friends.  Despite that, what actually inspired me to start one is how many times I’ve been laid off in the last year, and the strong need to not feel worthless while I sit at home, 5  months pregnant, waiting for my life to make sense again.  You’ll have to forgive me if there are parts of the site that don’t function quite right as I am still trying to figure out the ins and outs of “blog appearance”, but I am going to try and separate my posts into categories to make navigation a little easier since I plan to be sharing information on multiple unrelated topics.

What I need from anybody out there who might be reading this is input!!  If there’s something missing from the site that you’d like to see, or you simply have advice/criticism, let me know!  I will begin blogging officially later today, if I can get everything set up before then 🙂


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